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Honorable Public Servant
Marcus Giavanni for Governor (3) Colorado Gubernatorial and Lieutenant Gubernatorial election 2014.
Democrats' for Marcus Giavanni for Governor (4)
Democrats for the strongest Governor Optimization
Gun Owners for Marcus Giavanni for Governor (5)
Gun Owners the Strongest Colorado Global Optimization Governor
Liberals' for Marcus Giavanni for Governor
Liberals waking up to Innovation Love and Peace Optimization
Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender for Marcus Giavanni for Governor
Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender are people too, and should be paid equal with no hate!
Independents for Marcus Giavanni for Governor
Independents for Colorado Global Optimization for the new Innovation Hub
First Responders for Marcus Giavanni for Governor Stronger
First Responders for Giavanni Yballa, Yball being one of their Own!
Stronger Coloado for Marcus Giavanni for Govenor (6)
What choices do we have besides Governor Hickenlooper and Bob Beauprez the Stronger Colorado boys
Mothers' for a strong Marcus Giavanni for Governor
Mothers' for the strongest Colorado Governor Marcus Giavanni
Patriots for a stronger Marcus Giavanni for Governor (7)
Patriots for the Common seance of taking back their state first then their country. The Vote is more powerful than the bullet if it is cast.
Father's Rights for the stronger Colorado but not Beauprez or Hickenlooper
Father's Rights for the strongest Colorado Blobal Optimization Governor Marcus Giavanni
Military for a stronger Marcus Giavanni for Governor
Military for the strongest Colorado possible period!!! The bad guys are here; open your eys!!!
Businesses for a strong Marcus Giavanni for Governor
The Innovation Hub for International Businesses Hospitality and Travel for the Rich and Famous and common folks.
Minorities for a Stronger Marcus Giavanni (8)
Minorities for a Stronger Governor of Colorado Candidates
Republicans for a for a stronger Marcus Giavanni
Republicans for a Colorado Governor Optimization
Veterans' for Joshua Yballa for Stronger Colorado Lt. Governor
Veterans' for Joshua Yballa for Lt. Governor one of our own.
Proffessionals for a a stronger Marcus Giavanni Optimization
Proffessionals for Governor of Colorado Marcus Giavanni of GP7A


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Sample Ballot

State Office:

Governor and Lt. Governor

Ballot Box #7, Write-In (Print)

Marcus Giavanni

Joshua Yballa

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Colorado Voters Sick and Tired | 11.4.2014

The Dream Team for International Business Hospitality and Travel for the Rich and Famous

League of Woman Voters 411 Guide and Candidate Q&A
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Colorado Voters' Enough is Enough Change Your Vote to Unaffiliated Optimization
Colorado Voters' Enough is Enough Change Your Vote to Unaffiliated for We the People

Colorado Voters' sick and tired of being sick and tired your Time to Change the Vote You're On!!!

  Colorado Voters' are and Tired of Hickenlooper and Beauprez Optimization, Hickenlooper & Beauprez Stronger Colorado, Giavanni is the strongest Governor. John Hickenlooper has a plan for job creation that builds on his success as Mayor of Denver by cutting red tape and making government a partner for businesses, instead of an obstacle. Because of his small-business approach to governing, Denver has the nation's 3rd strongest economy and was rated the 3rd best city for college graduates.

  A small businessman himself, John takes a bottom-up approach to economic development. That's why his plan to create jobs calls for the development of individual county plans that will inform a larger statewide economic development strategy.

John Hickenlooper polls, Bob Beauprez polls, Marcus Giavanni vote
General Candidates Elections Vote Giavanni Hickenlooper Hess Beauprez Dunafon Hempy

Bob Beauprez how exactly are you going build a Stronger Colorado?
As a registered voter in Colorado, I want every candidate to give me a search term where I can Google Search it?
That will show us all, a built platform, on what exactly they are going to do as Governor?
...and I'm not speaking of Agenda talking points, of your parties true agenda, against me the single voter
...and the entire voter population in Colorado.

Stronger Colorado or Colorado Strong?


  I also mentioned Governor John Hickenlooper disregarded health and safety in Colorado. Perhaps you are asking how.  Colorado citizens voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use for adults.  Nothing patently wrong with that, but Hickenlooper failed to ensure proper regulation of this new industry.  What was the result?  Law enforcement agencies across Colorado have seen increased home invasion/burglaries to residences and dispensaries.  Children have been exposed to edibles which have left them hospitalized. 

  Now, law enforcement agencies are starting to see marijuana overdoses which have, at the extreme, resulted in at least one murder in Denver (  What will it take for Hickenlooper to take action to ensure this new industry is properly regulated to ensure safety and raise the taxes promised for our schools?

  Hickenlooper has also ignored the rights of victims in Colorado.  In an unprecedented and appalling unilateral decision, Hickenlooper indeterminately stayed the execution of Dunlap, who murdered Colorado citizens at a Chuck E. Cheese (  Dunlap had his trial, was found guilty and sentenced to death for his heinous acts.  He had his day in court and a jury of his peers handed down his punishment.  Hickenlooper somehow believes he knows better than those twelve citizens who heard every piece of evidence, saw every tear from family and friends of the victims and saw the pain that monster inflicted on so many families. 

  Although the Governor does have the authority to grant a stay of execution, why did Hickenlooper do so for Dunlap?  There is no new evidence, Dunlap is not innocent, so why override the will of the jury?  Simple, Hickenlooper believes he knows better than Colorado’s citizens and will force his beliefs on his constituents, no matter the cost!

  Candidate Bob Beauprez has run, unsuccessfully in the past.  He was defeated by a, albeit false, campaign regarding women’s rights issues.  His track record has followed him to this campaign and the attacks begin again.  Even being a successful business owner, Candidate Bob Beauprez is slated to be an unsuccessful candidate.

Bob Beauprez is wrong for Colorado, he and John Hickenlooper lacks the cutting edge agendas to see Colorado through a New Frontier into he Future.

Bob Beauprez is an outstanding citizen, but that's i not enough to make Colorado the next big Bang. Colorado is willing to jeopardize their entire future or at least 4 years of flying by the seat of his pants like most candidates do when the take office.

  So what can Candidate Marcus Giavanni and Candidate Josh Yballa do for you?  First, being a law enforcement officer, Candidate Yballa is a strong supporter of the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Colorado.  Candidate Giavanni chose Candidate Yballa as his running mate to ensure citizens of Colorado that these two documents will guide their administration.  Candidate Giavanni and Candidate Yballa will uphold their oaths of office to support the founding principles of this nation and this state.