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5. Governors Fresh Start Authority: GFS Authority 

  This Governor's Fresh Start Authority will establish what we call the 30 County Trust.  This will encompass the lower 30 counties of Colorado.  Again, Gubernatorial Candidate Marcus Giavanni is going to put his money where his mouth is and give $30,000 dollars out of his paycheck to fund the first child born in each of these 30 counties.

  These children will receive $1,000 dollars annually until the age of 18 for a total of $18,000 dollars, money which could be used by the child for college payments or trade school payments.  Giavanni is going to sponsor 30 children for a successful first ever Governor's Fresh Start Authority.

  Gubernatorial Candidate Marcus Giavanni will meet with other like minded individuals and businesses to grow these trusts to their full potential. All supported by those who pay it forward.

  The purpose of the 30 county Trust, is to help the lower income counties children have a chance to learn life skills. And work with each child to ensure his/her best interest in education and preparing for the future as an adult.

  When a said child reaches his /her 18th birthday they can apply for their trust money of $18,000 complete with Insurance, a life coach and money manager. In order to participate said children will have to agree to contribute back into the Trust, with mentoring children and paying 5 -10% of their annual income. Depends on Income.


Candidates for Governor of Colorado Marcus Giavanni put his $ plan for helping new born children in the lower 30 counties of Colorado
Candidates for Governor of  Marcus Giavanni put his $ plan for helping new born children in the lower 30 counties.