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Colorado will be the Beacon of Light for the Entire Nation

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Do to the proprietary, on going investigations and the safety of Colorado and it's Citizens...

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2. Governor's Business Partnership Authority: G420 Authority

This Governor's Business Partnership Authority will be a pet project for candidate Marcus Giavanni and his Social Global Optimization Platform that will be used to sell the goods and services for our national and international businesses to other states and countries across the globe. candidate Marcus Giavanni will put his money where his mouth is. The Governor's Authority will work with the citizen voters to establish a 64 County Trust.  The 64 County Trust will be funded by entrepreneurs who would like to donate portions of their business profits, trusts, estates and various other valued assets a person or corporation may have to offer.

  The first volunteer is Marcus Giavanni Candidate for Governor. Candidate Marcus Giavanni developed a Social Global Optimization Platform called For Sale By Owner Company.  In Short, this platform will produce 4,000 – 6,000 jobs, and future estimated profits of $150,000,000 in 4 years. The projected estimated growth is for the platform to continue for an additional 4 years to reach $1,000,000,000 annually and bring another 5,000 jobs in 4 states. (We'll tell you more soon...shh!)

  Governor Giavanni and the Business Partnership Authority will allot a high percentage of the estimate profits to fund the 64 County Trust. It's estimated that $64,000,000 will be divided up between the 64 counties, located in Colorado at the end of the first four years and every year after.  It's estimated that by the year 2026 the annual profits for the Social Global Optimization Platform will be $10-25 billion a year, with a global work force of over 25,000.

  You might be thinking, where is all the money that will be filling the coffers of the 64 County Trust. What is it going to pay for?  The 64 County Trust will fund personnel, equipment, supplies and education for law enforcement, departments, emergency medical care and emergency management teams, eliminating the need for Colorado to rely on federal resources such as FEMA whose track record is pitiful at best.

  The way it works is each county will receive funds at the beginning of each fiscal year. Each county will have a second source of income to ensure no excuse of failure due to lack of resources or training. The county will have discretion over use of the funds, so if the funds are not needed for emergency services, the funds may be put into community schools to purchase badly needed art supplies, music equipment, home economics equipment and supplies. I think by now you get the positive effect the Governor's Business Partnership Authority would have on the entire state of Colorado.

  As Governor, Marcus Giavanni would be the perfect ambassador to find like-minded citizen voters who know they can't take it with them when they go. So, why not donate a portion of whatever it is one might have of value and pay it forward to the 64 County Trust?  This trust is an investment in our children's future to ensure fiscal solvency.  Likewise, as Governor, Giavanni will encourage like-minded entrepreneurs to start their businesses in our state and at their discretion join our 64 County Trust which will be funded by individuals all over the world.