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Governor John Hickenlooper

  Colorado’s current Governor John Hickenlooper, has had his chance and failed Colorado.  We, as citizens, have seen almost four years of John Hickenlooper allowing East Coast politics and agendas to override Colorado values and the Colorado Constitution while completely disregarding the health and safety of his constituents.  What was the result?  Governor John Hickenlooper signed into law UNCONSTITUTIONAL restrictions on your Second Amendment Rights. 

 Governor John Hickenlooper desire to appeal to Bloomberg and other big-name Democrats resulted in Colorado losing one of the most profitable and employee-centric companies Colorado ever had:  Magpul.  Despite the outcries of law enforcement and sheriffs from all over Colorado, Governor John Hickenlooper ignored the argument that these laws were unconstitutional and signed them to further his political career.  It’s time we thanked him for that and make sure he does not receive another four years to violate our Constitutional Rights!

  I also mentioned Governor John Hickenlooper disregarded health and safety in Colorado. Perhaps you are asking how.  Colorado citizens voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use for adults.  Nothing patently wrong with that, but Hickenlooper failed to ensure proper regulation of this new industry.  What was the result?  Law enforcement agencies across Colorado have seen increased home invasion/burglaries to residences and dispensaries.  Children have been exposed to edibles which have left them hospitalized.  Now, law enforcement agencies are starting to see marijuana overdoses which have, at the extreme, resulted in at least one murder in Denver (  What will it take for Governor John Hickenlooper to take action to ensure this new industry is properly regulated to ensure safety and raise the taxes promised for our schools?

Governor John Hickenlooper

Candidate Bob

  A Stronger Colorado is what Bob Beauprez speaks of Hickenlooper asked for Stronger Colorado 2010. Stronger Colorado what Both ways Bob Beauprez. As a Voter I would like to know how Bob Beauprez is going to build a stronger Colorado. What new skills does he have, or did Bob Beauprez just barrow the term form the 2010 Hickenlooper Campaign asking for help to build a Stronger Colorado on YouTube.

  Only, 115,000 voted for Beauprez in the Primary elections whilst, over 200,000+ voters voted for Scott Gessler, Mike Kopp and Greg Brophy not to mention all the money they lost supporting their candidate, only to have their candidate ask to back Bob Beauprez.. talk about sloppy seconds!

  How can Coloradans expect Bob to build Colorado...because he says he can, what has Bob Beauprez, done lately, to show he has anything new to bring to the table for Coloradans to see as a viable asset.

  Candidate Bob does not have any new ides but what the Republican Leadership tells him what to say?

We sure miss Ronald Wilson Reagan!

  If Colorado is looking for new ideas from Bob Beauprez..don't look at the Giavanni Yballa Ticket come early voting October 14, 2014 or General Elections 11.04.14.

?Governor John Hickenlooper
?Governor John Hickenlooper