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Honorable Public Servant
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New Frontier Inot The Future
Get Out And Vote Coloradans This Is Your Election 2014
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Governor's Fresh Start Authtority | 30 County Trust | Giavanni when elected to give $30,000 out of pay check to Fresh Start Adobt a New Borm Baby in the lowest income in 30 counties out of 64. Setting precedenc on Paying It Forward!
Marcus Giavanni is a Independent Candidate for Governor of Colorado.

Marcus Giavanni holds no allegiance to any political party or organization whatsoever.

Candidate Giavanni
 has no endorsements.

This makes him the perfect Coloradan Candidate!

This makes Marcus Giavanni the only candidate for Governor of Colorado.

For it is the People of Colorado to whom he will fight for.

Joshua Yballa for Lt. Governor is a registered Republican who is tired of the party winning over people.

This makes Joshua Yballa the only candidate for Lt. Governor of Colorado.

Check back we are constantly up dating.

We know what we are doing but it's the established institutionalized political parties and some candidates for they have no idea.

Shhh...always keep them guessing until???


Marcus Giavanni for stronger Colorado Governor
Our Strategy Is Unbeatable Colorado The Winner!!!
Stronger Colorado
Both Governor JohnHickenlooper and Bob Beauprez said Stronger Colorado for a stronger Colorado Governor Optimization pubs elections and election Info
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Our names will appear on the ballot...Call the Secretary of State of Colorado don't believe the lies 303-894-2200

"A New Frontier Into The Future For Colorado"

Coloradans Need To Unaffiliate From Their Political Parties And Back The Colorado Constitution

Thank You for looking into the future for the entire state of Colorado
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Who is the Candidates Giavanni Yballa Ticket

  Coming Soon... Shhh, You haven't seen anything yet!!!

Developer's Note: Marcus Giavanni has Dyslexia and ADD and thanks those who can see past the Spelling & Grammar. (Remember...Giavanni is running for Governor, not your English teacher) And know! You will never get a better street fighter to clean up the mess!!! ;) Time to Step a Man & be a a Voter! Take Back that we don't destroy the most awesome state in the union. Take this new "Path to Victory"(Gubernatorial Candidate Steve House 2014) with our Social Global Optimization Platform. So Colorado Global Optimization will be born 11.4.14.

Go Broncos...Superbowl or Bust!!!
One game at a time and staying Humble and outta Trouble

Boom Baby!!!