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Communities For Giavanni Yballa Ticket 11.4.2014

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Sick and Tired Independents for Marcus Giavanni for Governor of Colorado Optimization

  Independent Voters for Candidates Governor of Colorado Optimization, really like candidate Marcus Giavanni Independent for Governor who will only answers to Coloradans Optimization. Many Independent Voters located in Colorado feel disenfranchised since they can't participate in the primaries, they are not publicly funded to be able to compete with the Democrats and Republicans who are surely messing everything up= in Colorado.

  Many Independent are not happy with Bob Beauprez or Incumbent Hickenlooper that is the Gambit of deception the media and both parties want us to believe they are loved by all voters. Whilst the media pushes for anyone other than a qualified third party. Therefore stop buying the products and services that only pushes the two party system and vote a different way.

  The GOP establishment wants everyone to believe that out of the 115,000 that voted in the Primary they are going to support a loser like Bob Beauprez. Who says one thing to one set of people, and a different sets of views with the other. Then these two sides meet and wow..their goes Both ways Bob Beauprez. Then why did the GOP not get together and support one candidate and pool all their money and get that important win for the people of Colorado.

  Why..because the GOP knew that their base was not happy with Bob Beauprez and knows he has nothing to offer so they are filling him on what to say to Colorado Voters.

Now, is the time to change the vote you're on!!!