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Honorable Public Servant

Colorado will be the Beacon of Light for the Entire Nation

From West coast of Washington, down to California and across to the East coast of Maine, down to South Florida

Do to the proprietary, on going investigations and the safety of Colorado and it's Citizens...

we are limited on our conversation for now.

6. Governor's Cup Authority: GC Authority

  This Governor's Cup Authority is the ultimate award.  The “Governor's Cup” will be given to good Samaritan citizens, employees of Colorado and it's 64 counties, and national and international companies doing business in Colorado and/or outside of Colorado. We are going to create International & National Championships and events based on our four seasons. 

  With Gubernatorial Candidate Marcus Giavanni’s experience as a promoter of music concerts and night clubs, he will be able to produce the Winter and Summer Championships, Spring Championships and Fall International & National Championships.  Some of the events will be jet boat racing and exhibits, drag racing, extreme sports and much much more. The ultimate goal is NASCAR...with the flag of our state tearing it up at the Indianapolis 500 race, even bringing Indy cars through downtown Denver for what International & National Championships events.

We need to bring water sports like boat racing, wake board championships, drag boat racing championships, anything with water; we will Governor's Cup it!

We need to support Bull riding International & National Championships, and other Western Show type events and Governor's Cup it!

We need to honor the men and women who make all of the big events possible in Colorado be rewarded and shine the Governor's Cup on them also.

Governor's Cup Authority will raise the bar on exceptional events, talent and hard work throughout Colorado and it's citizen, will be honored with cash and prizes.

Know is the time to change the vote you're on!