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Governor's Planned Agenda by Candidate Marcus Giavanni.
Governor's Planned Agenda by Candidate Marcus Giavanni.


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Giavanni/Yballa Governor's Planned Agenda

"Colorado will be the Beacon of Light for the Entire Nation"

From West coast of Washington, down to California and across to the East coast of Maine, down to South Florida

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  In these uncertain times in America and with our elected officials facing the grim reality of all an all time lower approval rating of most elected officials. We have dangerous entities using our Federal Government to come to America through illegal boarder crossing. And now we have our Mayor Hancock of the city and county of Denver. To welcome these children (17 and under), to our city, and who is contemplating the reaction of Denver citizens, to see if the Mayor's office will apply for Federal Money, (click link: to care for these undocumented illegals. We have to help the children, but we must change the law where we can't stop those who will hurt us. Due to a glitch in the law, due to the fact these illegals are listed as children. But known criminals are amongst allowed to process with the children that must be saved.

  We have institutionalized bureaucrat elected officials who are blinded by out of control spending of Our Money. Always requesting Federal Money which makes Colorado to act by Federal Standards and learn their way, do their way, be their way. Leaving our Colorado, in federal control of our thoughts, minds and businesses in our current "Entitlement Punishment State" of doing business as...D.B.A.


Stop!!! Stop!!! Stop!!! Had enough yet?


Do to the proprietary, on going investigations and the safety of Colorado and it's Citizens...

we are limited on our conversation for now.

1. Governor's 420 Business Friendly Authority: G420 Authority

  This authority will work with federal, state, county and city municipalities, legislators, and policy makers regarding the collection of tax revenues from the sale of retail recreational marijuana.  Although this was supposed to have been done upon the passing of the amendment legalizing marijuana, we have yet to see results from our current leadership.

  This authority will be responsible to create opportunities that will enhance our 420 business owners/corporations (locally and other states), who legally work with medical or recreational marijuana. These business owners/corporations are responsible, law-abiding citizens who, in order to ensure the continued success of their businesses, will act in a way to promote a healthy life style and incorporate the new medical and recreational marijuana laws into our society.

  As Candidate for Governor, Giavanni will ensure all drugs, alcohol and now marijuana education will start at the kindergarten level and continue all the way through high school to ensure the safety of our children and ensure these children will make educated, intelligent decisions when they become adults.


  More coming soon.  We are building more coalitions to give Colorado that needed edge to be a global player in this new tax revenue sales.

2. Governor's Business Partnership Authority: GBP Authority

  This authority will be a pet project for Marcus Giavanni and his Social Global Optimization Platform that will be used to sell the goods and services for our national and international businesses to other states and countries across the globe. Marcus Giavanni will put his money where his mouth is.

The Governor's Authority will work with the citizen voters to establish a 64 County Trust.  The 64 County Trust will be funded by entrepreneurs who would like to donate portions of their business profits, trusts, estates and various other valued assets a person or corporation may have to offer. 

  The first volunteer is candidate for Governor Marcus Giavanni. Candidate Giavanni developed a Social Global Optimization Platform called For Sale By Owner Company.  In Short, this platform will produce 4,000 – 6,000 jobs in Colorado and future estimated profits of $150,000,000 in 4 years. The projected estimated growth is for the platform to continue for an additional 4 years to reach $1,000,000,000 annually and bring another 5,000 jobs in 4 states. (We'll tell you more soon...shh!)

  Governor Giavanni will allot a high percentage of the estimate profits to fund the 64 County Trust. It's estimated that $64,000,000 will be divided up between the 64 counties, located in Colorado at the end of the first four years and every year after.  It's estimated that by the year 2026 the annual profits for the Social Global Optimization Platform will be $10-25 billion a year, with a global work force of over 25,000.

  You might be thinking, where is all the money that will be filling the coffers of the 64 County Trust. What is it going to pay for?  The 64 County Trust will fund personnel, equipment, supplies and education for law enforcement, departments, emergency medical care and emergency management teams, eliminating the need for Colorado to rely on federal resources such as FEMA whose track record is pitiful at best.

  The way it works is each county will receive funds at the beginning of each fiscal year. Each county will have a second source of income to ensure no excuse of failure due to lack of resources or training. The county will have discretion over use of the funds, so if the funds are not needed for emergency services, the funds may be put into community schools to purchase badly needed art supplies, music equipment, home economics equipment and supplies. I think by now you get the positive effect the Governor's Business Partnership Authority would have on the entire state of Colorado.

  As Governor, Marcus Giavanni would be the perfect ambassador to find like-minded citizen voters who know they can't take it with them when they go. So, why not donate a portion of whatever it is one might have of value and pay it forward to the 64 County Trust?  This trust is an investment in Colorado’s future to ensure fiscal solvency.  Likewise, as Governor, Giavanni will encourage like-minded entrepreneurs to start their businesses in Colorado with the 64 County Trust which will be funded by individuals all over the world.

3. Governor's Children Need Both Parents Authority: GCNBP Authority
   Everyone knows that Marcus Giavanni's children have been in and out of the family court system since 2007. Gubernatorial Candidate Giavanni , as well as many others, has endured heart ache and pain from the current Denver Health and Human Services and an ex-attorney who is now a Magistrate in Denver courts. Who, by the way, was the attorney for the Respondent when Candidate Giavanni was the Petitioner as he turned to the courts for help.


  Again, without going into details, this authority will work with legislators to create the Zippy Law. Domestic violence is about control.  Many times it manifests in our communities in the form of horrific abuse and deadly situations for the victims.  However, domestic violence is not always manifested physically; most domestic violence is emotional in nature long before it becomes physical.  Some of the emotionally controlling acts by domestic violence offenders do not qualify as criminal and involve controlling money, monitoring the victim or even attempts to use law enforcement to harass the victim. 

  Although false reporting to law enforcement is a crime, many times similar allegations made in courts, unless addressed by the court as being perjury, go unpunished and when children are involved, they are the ones truly victimized by the selfishness of one or both parents. 

  This law will protect children from the emotional abuse, mandating school administrators, counselors and teachers have the duty to report cries of help from all children going through either, domestic, civil or emotional problems brought on by a parent, whether the allegations are criminal in nature or not.  Again since we are grassroots, and there is on-going investigation in regards to this matter, we are limited on what we can do or say.


  Coloradans you must elect us to get to the bottom of this investigation. This is the only way that we will be able to get the answers we need.  The day we take office, Gubernatorial Candidate Marcus Giavanni and Lt. Governor Candidate Joshua Yballa will start a Governor’s probe into the abuses in the system. 

  We will have a phone number and email so that other citizens of Colorado, no matter what county, can report abuses of the state in this regard.  If you believe you or someone you know been a victim of the state, we want to speak to you to have an opportunity to protect victims of this abuse.


4. Governor's Emergency Management Preparedness Authority: GEMP Authority

  This authority will oversee the wants and needs of the 64 County Trust to ensure that the funds are being used for the purposes allocated.  We will work with all federal, state and local agencies to establish polices that protect the first responders, and educate all Coloradans in regards to emergency situations and follow directions of first responders.  Although Colorado has experienced many tragedies, both natural and human-caused, we can always improve our response to protect our citizens.


  Colorado is no stranger to extreme weather.  Many news stations are over-budget or over-extended on grants. Part of the 64 County Trust will pay for our local weather news reporters to have the equipment, supplies and futuristic ground vehicles or drivable harden shelters to collect badly needed data while remaining safe.


  Now, the big ticket item, bio-diesel.  Candidate Giavanni has a business plan that will develop 10,000 gallons of bio-diesel per acre of algae. In fact, there are universities that can produce 20,000-30,000 gallons of bio-diesel per 1 acre of algae.  A shift to algae-grown bio-diesel will relieve Colorado’s citizens of the increased costs innate with the ethanol being used as a fuel.  Ethanol, often made from corn oil, results in the loss of corn crop for fuel, increased costs to farmers for feed for animals and trickles down to the consumer in the form of increased costs at the store for corn and meat products.


  With the uncertainties of the world and current fuel costs, Colorado must develop an alternative in a way that it does not compete with commerce laws.  The money that the state saves in fuel costs can be allocate for something else that needs attention or pay for other new projects. In turn we will work with other local municipalities to develop this program and make their own bio-diesel and we are talking 100% bio-diesel, (tell you how we worry about gelling later) not the typical 80% - 20% blends with 80% petrol and 20% bio-diesel.

5. Governors Fresh Start Authority: GFS Authority

  This authority will establish what we call the 30 County Trust.  This will encompass the lower 30 counties of Colorado.  Again, Gubernatorial Candidate Giavanni is going to put his money where his mouth is and give $30,000 dollars out of his paycheck to fund the first child born in each of these 30 counties. 

  These children will receive $1,000 dollars annually until the age of 18 for a total of $18,000 dollars, money which could be used by the child for college payments or trade school payments.  Giavanni is going to sponsor 30 children for a successful Colorado.


 6. Governor's Cup Authority: GP Authority

  This authority is the ultimate award.  The “Governor's Cup” will be given to good Samaritan citizens, employees of Colorado and it's 64 counties, and national and international companies doing business in Colorado and/or outside of Colorado. We are going to create international events based on our four seasons. 


  With Gubernatorial Candidate Marcus Giavanni’s experience as a promoter of music concerts and night clubs, he will be able to produce the Winter Nationals, Summer Nationals, Spring Nationals and Fall Nationals.  Some of the events will be jet boat racing and exhibits, drag racing, extreme sports and much much more. The ultimate goal is NASCAR...with the flag of our state tearing it up at the Indianapolis 500 race, even bringing Indy cars through downtown Denver. 


This is just the beginning folks!

  Want to know more?  Join the campaign for a successful Colorado!  Join the Giavanni Yballa campaign!  Help us spread the word about the only winning ticket on November 4, 2014!


7. Governor's Investment and Redevelopment Authority: GIR Authority

  This authority will work with all federal, state and local municipalities to educate and promote Peak Wealth amongst Coloradans living in Peak Wealth neighborhoods across all 64 counties.  Currently, in some of these Peak Wealth Neighborhoods, builders and developers are coming in, buying up these valuable properties and paying below market value or value when they should be paying a premium. 

Let's take a look at the Corey Merrill Neighborhood. There are home owners that bought their homes at $80,000 but the same houses are now worth well over $500,000 with some even worth $1,000,000 or more!

  Some of these home owners are saying how lucky they are and they don't want to move while others are saying they are old and they don't know what they are going to do when they are 55 or older.  Our authority will educate these home owners realize regarding their options to remain or sell, take the profits and go buy another $80,000 house in a neighborhood outside of Denver Metro Area.  This would allow the homeowner to use the profits of the sale to remodel the new home and/or establish a family trust. 

This is an opportunity to infuse areas outside the Denver Metro Area with new growth and wealth.  Alternatively, if the homeowner chooses to remain and passes away, under current laws, the death tax and probate will likely leave the surviving family members owing big money for attorney fees and taxes.  We need to ensure our citizens are educated concerning such important fiscal matters to ensure our state’s fiscal solvency and guarantee a better future for our children.


8. Governor's Medical and Recreational Marijuana Authority: GMRM Authority

  This authority is one that will set precedent with other municipalities both in-state and out regarding the issues surrounding the legalization of marijuana. Governor Giavanni will build coalition of the Federal Government, Colorado, City and County of Denver and all cities thereafter.


  This authority will establish the first ever Gia-Tri Belts Platform developed by Marcus Giavanni.  There are three zones to which we call Belts.


1.  1st Gia Tri-Belt: 1st Belt will surround the outer circumference border of Colorado with our neighboring states and their counties.

2.  2nd Gia Tri-Belt: 2nd Belt will surround the inner boarder of Colorado and our counties.


3.  3rd  Gia Tri-Belt: 3rd Belt will surround the second outer boarders of the 2nd Gia Tri-Belts and their counties within its own boundaries.

  These belts will be the highway of information in regards to education, public safety, and law enforcement issues dealing with the legalization of marijuana. These belts will create conversation that will be used to develop policies and procedures for each department working with the three Gia-Tri Belts within the perspective boundaries and authority per each municipalities and each of their departments. 


  More to follow and first Responders Love do the Sheriffs Departments in all 64 counties.


9. Governor's Military Health Family Authority: GMHF Authority

  We will establish an authority that will monitor, review and help set policies to protect the military, their families and most importantly, the health of the military and their families. We will set up a toll free number and an encrypted e-mail that veterans and their family members can use as a direct line of communication to Marcus Giavanni as Governor, Joshua Yballa as Lt. Governor and to the various department heads running each department that handle these issues as an emergency for a 24-48 hour response time.


  The Giavanni Yballa Team will also set up the same benefits to serve the civilian, non-military community.  When it comes to Colorado and its citizens, nobody will go hungry, not have a roof over their head or be in want of proper medical attention, period!

10. Governor's State Integrity Authority: GSI Authority

  This is Corruption Risk Report Card on Colorado given by a bi-partisan, non-profit organization called State Integrity.  The overall grade for Colorado is a D+, take a minute to look at the grades given

We will establish an authority that deals strictly on raising our Corruption Rick Report grade to an A within 4 years. That would require a positive increase in the grade for each year until the end of our first term of our candidacy.  We are currently working out the details with our team. Since we are grassroots, most of our team is currently incognito to prevent political backlash. That's politics I wish we could say more, but we promised.

Colorado's Corruption Risk Report Card

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