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Communities For Giavanni Yballa Ticket 11.4.2014

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Stronger Colorado Bob Beauprez won't deliver
Sick and Tired Democrats for Marcus Giavanni for Governor of Colorado Optimization

  Democrats Voters looking for a new candidate for Governor of Colorado. The old Kennedy Democrats, their families want a candidate that promotes working class families. The Democrats do not like what has happened to the Democratic Party. The Democrats support hard working Americans' looking to better themselves, yet in times of need and medial care Democrat Voters are their making sure some get the help they need. But the Kennedy Democrats does not like the way the current Democratic Party hands everything to anyone that signs up to vote for them. Eventual this mind set will bankrupt cities like take Detroit. And this is just the tip of the Financial iceberg out of control spending the Kennedy Democrats do not like.

  It will be the Kennedy Democrats that will take back the country they once admired, adored and was happy to cell it America. But with these uncertain times. Even the old Kennedy Democrats are scratching their heads in disbelief on what happened to the Kennedy way of getting things done?

  Democrat Voters are at a point of time where they are going to start listing to their constituents, because the rate Colorado is going. The Kennedy Democrats will have nothing more to give. the time to change the Vote you're on!!!

Democrat Voters for Governor of Colorado
Democrat Voters for Governor of Colorado